Our Agility for Your Utmost ValueWe have an understanding of AGILE so deep that we are able to practice it the way that benefits you the most.

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We live the word AGILE

We embrace the agile methodology and adopt a five-step approach to make sure you have the  flexibility needed to make adjustments along the way and maximize the value of your money.

1. Discovery

We start with a conversation. Our goal is to understand your business needs and determine if blockchain technologies are best to solve your problems. With short iterations, priorities can be adjusted in real-time to ensure we deliver the highest value.

2. Plan and Design

Here’s where we start getting into the weeds. We spend time with your team to understanding your technical requirements and take them away to devise a plan. We return with a proposal and estimated costs.

3. Proof-of-Concept

Our team will rapidly build a fully working Minimum Viable Product that demonstrates blockchain technology applied to your particular business use case. See the potential for yourself and adjust your expectations.

4. Pilot

In two week iterations, we will integrate the Minimum Viable Product with existing solutions and real data, or build a customer-facing product on top of it from scratch.

5. Scale

We’ll continue to deliver new iterations of the product every two weeks. Each iteration offers new value to the customer and provides an opportunity to learn how the market reacts to new features.

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