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Northern Block is a recognized leader in blockchain, building blockchain solutions for the real world, that drive real value.

We are dedicated to helping businesses innovate through blockchain technology to not only unlock major efficiencies but to create new business models and strengthen brands. Our key advantage is the innovative mindset, mixed with a deep commitment to understanding clients’ needs and addressing them with a tailored approach.

Founded in 2017 in Toronto as a software development consultancy for Ethereum-based applications, Northern Block evolved to full-stack, blockchain agnostic capabilities, having had experience with many blockchain protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Corda, AION among others. We have deployed decentralized systems for the public sector, large enterprises and start-ups on different continents across a wide range of industries:



Food & Agriculture


Financial Services

Logistics & Transportation


Real Estate

We have a stellar team of experienced business and technology experts that can help you take the full advantage of blockchain by creating a strategy ready to be implemented today and providing strong technical support along the way.

CEO's Words

Mathieu Glaude

Founder & CEO of Northern Block

Our Raison D’être

We believe this revolution is something that happens once in a life time and will contribute to MAJOR business and social benefits,
Learn why now is the right and best time to invest in blockchain from our research

NB Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series

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NB Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series: Empower Supply Chain for Consumer Brands
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