Ready for a new era of identity?To solve some of the fundamental privacy and security issues in today's digital world, a paradigm shift from centralized identity management to a user-centric model needs to happen. Is your business ready?

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Where traditional identity systems have failed

Identity management has evolved from paper file folders to siloed or somewhat connected IAM systems product or service vendors centrally run. One thing hasn't changed much is each vendor still has to request same or similar information their users have input again and again whenever they need to access a new offering and then authenticate if the information provided is true and valid.

If users are repeating themselves and vendors repeating what others have already done, isn't that a huge waste of resources?


The power of verifiable credentials

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is the much needed paradigm shift that allows individuals or organizations to have ownership of their digital and analog identities, and control over how their personal data is shared and used.

With SSI, users would come with information validated and stored in verifiable credentials issued by trusted parties and readily to be taken by vendors with instant authentication. Decentralization makes verifiable credentials possible.

Enhanced Data Privacy & Security

Simpler Identity Management

Easier Identity Authentication

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We have a whole package ready for you

SSI transactions mainly take place between individuals and organizations . While they are doing similar things, they have different authorities and requirements for how they accomplish them.

Northern Block has a suite of solutions that enable organizations to issue and verify credentials as a part of a trusted network (cloud agent/wallet) and their users to manage credentials and relationships with organizations (edge agent/wallet).

With our solutions, you will be able to achieve:
Passwordless login
Instant user onboarding
Credential-based authorization
Automated user data update
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Self-sovereign identity used to manage data on firearms.

VeriTransfer is a distributed system that decentralizes the firearm owner identity and the storage of firearm ownership details, enabling the private and secure sale of firearms
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Thought Leadership

We learn, we do and we educate

As one of the earliest practitioners of self-sovereign identity, we feel obliged and eager to share with a wider community what we have learned and built and leverage SSI resources within our network to educate the community.

WEBINAR VIDEO Northern Block

SSI's role in managing enterprises' digital assets and secure B2B transactions
SSI and Verifiable Credentials can play important roles to optimize identity and access management, and empower enterprises to protect data & digital assets more effectively.

March 1, 2019

WEBINAR VIDEO  Northern Block

Insights on how verifiable credentials can solve social problems for post Covid-19 life
The webinar responded to the many questions on how verifiable credentials could contribute to solve social problems from both technology and business perspectives.

March 1, 2019

WEBINAR VIDEO Northern Block

A Simple Story to Explain SSI and An Insightful Conversation on Its Real-World Implementations

February 7, 2019

Another successful #SSIToronto webinar, which has received great feedback from audience on the clear explanation of a complex concept and rich flavors added to it through real-life business cases.

VIDEO SERIES Northern Block

Use Cases for SSI: What are the REAL Problems this New Identity Model Solves?
The 7-epsiode video series is the recording of #SSIToronto Meetup2 featuring Tim Bouma, Senior Analyst from the Government of Cananda, and Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer from Evernym.

March 1, 2019

COMMUNITY Northern Block

Join #SSIToronto Meetup Group, Founded by Northern Block!
We created the #SSIToronto Meetup to bring together business innovators, technologists and anyone who wants to learn about SSI and contribute to building live and effective SSI solutions.

July 29, 2019

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Learn why now is the right and best time to invest in blockchain from our research

NB Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series

Report launch in two weeks!
NB Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series: Empower Supply Chain for Consumer Brands
Check out the executive summary for a preview!
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Simple and fast to deploy!

Low cost

Incorporate decentralized identity into your solution, without sacrificing privacy or security.


Utilize blockchain along with APIs to AI-enabled security systems such as facial recognition and other biometrics.

Complete privacy

Allow users to safely and securely maintain their identities and share only what is necessary.


Beyond what you can see and think of

Some industries (seen below) have identified high-potential use cases with SSI and experimented in small scale. We believe this is the near future of identity management and more opportunities are waiting for us to work together to uncover. Are you ready?



Real Estate

Financial Services


Are you in one of these industries?
Don’t see your industry here?

Either way, contact us today to explore if Decentralized Identity is right for you!

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