Ready for a new era of identity?We believe everyone has the right to own their digital identity — one that securely and privately stores all personal data.

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Do you want to truly own your identity?

In today's digital world, we hand over large amounts of personal data over to corporation, who in turn use this data to sell to advertisers. We have no control over how our data is used and risk losing our identities through cybersecurity attacks. Since identity is such a central part of our life and society, we need to ensure that we have full ownership and control. And this is the primary foundation Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is be built upon.


What is Self-Sovereign Identity?

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is the concept of allowing individuals or organizations to have sole ownership of their digital and analog identities, and full control over how their personal data is shared and used. SSI adds a layer of security and flexibility allowing the identity holder to only reveal the necessary data for any given     transaction or interaction.

Enhanced Data Privacy & Security

Own and control what data you want to share with secure user experiences.

Simpler Identity Management

  One place to control all your digital relationships and make updates.

Easier Identity Verification

Participate in a web of trust to prove who you are and verify others.


We take care of both sides of the business

Self-sovereign identity transactions mainly take place between individuals and organizations. While they are doing similar things, they have different requirements for how they accomplish them. Northern Block can develop focused digital wallet for your individual users and work with you to integrate SSI capabilities into your existing enterprise systems.

For Individuals

The point of contact with SSI is through their digital wallet. We develop mobile apps that allow individuals to store their personal data and to interact with organizations. The digital wallet securely stores private data and asks the individuals for consent any time it is requested.

For Enterprises

Enterprises have users and automated systems that will need access to SSI capabilities. We provide enterprise services that can integrate with existing systems to generate verifiable credentials, compose credential requests from individuals and present credentials when they are demanded.
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Self-sovereign identity used to manage data on firearms.

VeriTransfer is a distributed system that decentralizes the firearm owner identity and the storage of firearm ownership details, enabling the private and secure sale of firearms
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Simple and fast to deploy!

Low cost

Incorporate decentralized identity into your solution, without sacrificing privacy or security.


Utilize blockchain along with APIs to AI-enabled security systems such as facial recognition and other biometrics.

Complete privacy

Allow users to safely and securely maintain their identities and share only what is necessary.


Beyond what you can see and think of

Some industries (seen below) have identified high-potential use cases with SSI and experimented in small scale. We believe this is the near future of identity management and more opportunities are waiting for us to work together to uncover. Are you ready?



Real Estate

Financial Services


Are you in one of these industries?
Don’t see your industry here?

Either way, contact us today to explore if Decentralized Identity is right for you!

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