#SSIToronto Video Series

Use Cases for SSI: What are the REAL Problems this New Identity Model Solves?
#SSIToronto is a community of self-sovereign identity (SSI) enthusiasts originated in Canada and now spreading around the world. Northern Block founded #SSIToronto to educate the community through in-person events facilitating exchanges on SSI in the greater-Toronto are and online events engaging SSI experts and enthusiasts from across the world.

join #SSIToronto group, please visit: https://www.meetup.com/Self-Sovereign-Identity-Toronto-Meetup-Group/
stay tuned for updates on #SSIToronto events and resources, please follow Northern Block's twitter @northern_block
Interested in
getting involved as a speaker or partner for #SSIToronto? Please reach out to Lucy at lucy@northernblock.ca
The video series is the recording of #SSIToronto's first virtual meetup. It contains the following 7 episodes:
- Episode 1 Update from Governent of Canada on Digital Identity Initiatives by Tim Bouma
- Episode 2 Verifiable Credentials & The Special Role of Governance Frameworks by Drummond Reed
- Episode 3 SSI Use Cases: Passwordless Login/Cross-silo Authentication by Drummond Reed
- Episode 4 SSI Use Cases: Instant Customer Onboarding by Drummond Reed
- Episode 5 SSI Use Cases: Credential-Based Authorization by Drummond Reed
- Episode 6 SSI Use Cases: Supply Chain Provenance & Verifiable Origins by Drummond Reed
- Episode 7 SSI Use Cases: Regulatory Compliance by Drummond Reed

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