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of brands that
are facing counterfeit
goods in 2018

$1.2 T

lost to
counterfeiting in


lost in
revenues for each brand in 2018


The power of one truth across a supply chain!

The quality and provenance of products is often in question when it comes to both customer knowledge as well as regulators. Because of this lack of trust, brands are at risk of losing sales and margins to counterfeit, illegitimate products or just lack of brand confidence.  
Reduced counterfeit/fraudulent products
Increased brand confidence and sales
Decreased effort and costs to sell and audit
Decreased audit, compliance and inspection costs
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Customizable supply chain tools
from start to finish

Buyers of products are looking for verification that a product is what it purports to be, has met all inspection and reporting requirements and meets the brand promise. By combining Blockchain with both AI and IoT, Northern Block's Supply Chain solutions deliver exactly these.

Modular and flexible to your needs

Integrate to your
ERP systems

Agnostic blockchain for
shared state

Deployable on cloud provider
of choice

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Full brand provenance enables you to buy and sell with confidence!

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