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    dApp for Firearm Owners and Dealers

    A private, secure and self-governed network for firearm owners to safely manage their firearm ownership and transact responsibly.

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    Screenshots from VeriTransfer product

    Closed-Loop Payment Remittances

    A closed-loop remittance platform for Mexicans in the U.S. to send money back home in a secure, fast and low-cost manner.

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    Screenshots from Newt product

    CannaProve - Cannabis Provenance Tracking and Quality Verification Platform

    A platform that sets cannabis cultivators up for longer-term profitability and better compliance enabled by a complete and verifiable chain of custody on the blockchain.

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    Screenshots from CannaProve product

    Green Bond Issuance Platform

    A green bond issuance platform for TMX, a major Canadian Stock Exchange, that streamlines green bond KPI tracking process and provides investors assurance of their purchase.

    Province of Ontario

    Government Digital Identity Proof of Concept

    A mobile solution that allows Ontario citizens to verify documents from multiple government and non-government sources and enables efficient sharing of data between government agencies.


    Music License Purchase Solution

    A blockchain solution for a music licensing platform’s users to own, access their data and track its usage while enabling immediate license payment distribution and fully-transparent distributed ratio for involved parties.

    Logistics Bank for Freight Trucking

    A logistics platform that creates visibility and proves integrity of all shipment data and uses the data to reduce costs for logistics participants and provide better customer services.

    Screenshots from Logistics Bank for Freight Trucking product

    Peer-to-Peer Gaming Platform

    A peer-to-peer gaming platform that allows game developers to distribute licensing directly to gamers without the high costs that platforms such as Steam will charge.

    Titan Suite

    Titan Suite - Fullstack Blockchain Development Toolset

    A JavaScript-based open source framework that solves the problems of debugging, deployment and feedback for building dApps on AION network.

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    Screenshots from Titan Suite product