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Titan Suite

Great systems are built not only by great developers but also by the tools used to build them. While developing decentralized applications (dApps) with cutting edge technologies like blockchain, it is important that the tools used do not get in the way of development. The tools available in the blockchain space are often outdated and lack support. Without the right tools, development of new and innovative products at market desired speed creates poor products and poor code quality.

Titan Suite is our first open source project and was created to directly address needs we have identified in the development community. The suite is a collection of open source tools that help developers write, test and deploy smart contracts through two main components - a CLI (Command Line Interface) which is usable in any terminal by dApp developers to compile, deploy, test smart contracts and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to write smart contracts and view errors in real time.

Titan’s core objective is to provide an all-inclusive suite for Solidity blockchain developers, new and experienced, to seamlessly deliver quality products. Titan takes into consideration, the best practices of smart contract and dApp development and provides a full tool set and a supportive community for developers.

The excitingly ever-changing landscape of blockchain development tools are susceptible to lack of support and hence easily become stale. Developers can contribute to the project, openly discuss features, report bugs and suggest solutions. We’re extremely excited about this project and are looking forward to what you will build with Titan. Let’s #buidl!