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Blockchain Readiness ProgramAre you ready for blockchain? Let our experts do an evaluation and get you prepared if you are not.

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Northern Block enabled us to discover novel blockchain use cases that create real value.

Marek Laskowski
Co-Founder Blockchain Lab
Schulich School of Business

Through Northern Block’s educational program, we were able to help our utilities clients explore new business opportunities through blockchain technology.

Gerardo Marquez
Senior Manager
MaRS Advanced Energy Centre

Northern Block helped our members better understand both business and social benefits of blockchain.

Rachel Mitchell
Director Business Development


Custom blockchain development

We have deep knowledge in blockchain technology and an outstanding track record of custom product delivery with our clients in many different industries.
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Blockchain Readiness Program

We equip you with the most relevant and needed knowledge about blockchain and a plan to start taking full advantage of the technology.
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Have you asked these questions?

If you haven't asked yourself the questions below, now is the time. If you are searching for answers, don't hesitate - talk to us now.
Is there a blockchain solution that makes sense for my industry and my company?
Is my company ready for a blockchain solution?
What is the business case for my company?
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Learn why now is the right and best time to invest in blockchain from our research

NB Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series

Report launch in two weeks!
NB Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series: Empower Supply Chain for Consumer Brands
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Leadership Series

Set company leaders up for success in an ever-changing business environment fueled by blockchain.

Business Development Series

Equip your sales team with the most relevant knowledge and insights about blockchain.


We get you to the right spot

The Business Readiness Program (BRP) is a 3-week consulting engagement with a combination of experienced business professionals, working with the leadership of the company to answer the three questions and generate tangible results.

Actionable Solutions

A curated list of potential solutions ordered by financial returns and long-term profitability.

Viable Business Cases

A business case for each solution along with barriers, risks and risk mitigation efforts.

Demonstrable MVPs

A demo of the minimum viable product or mocked-up product with proposed technology underpinnings for the top three solutions.
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Why this is right for you?

No matter you are a large organization looking to test waters with blockchain or a mid-sized company brewing innovative ideas in blockchain. This is the right program to get you on the right track.
Identify potential business opportunities much quicker
Minimize risk of engaging in a blockchain project
Shorten the time to build a business case for a project
Engage executives and mid-level managers to reduce risk
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