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dApp for Firearm Owners and Dealers

A private, secure and self-governed network for firearm owners to safely manage their  firearm ownership and transact responsibly.

Closed-Loop Payment Remittances

A closed-loop remittance platform for Mexicans in the U.S. to send money back home in a secure, fast and low-cost manner.

Green Bond Issuance Platform

A green bond issuance platform for a major Canadian stock exchange that streamlines green bond KPI tracking process.

Fullstack Blockchain Development Toolset

A JavaScript-based open source framework that solves the problems of debugging, deployment and feedback for building dApps on AION.

Cannabis Seed to Sale Verification Solution

A platform that sets cannabis cultivators up for longer-term profitability and better compliance enabled by a chain of custody on the blockchain.

Government Digital Identity PoC

A mobile solution that allows Ontario citizens to verify documents from multiple sources and enables efficient sharing of data.

Music License Purchase Solution

A blockchain solution for a music licensing platform’s users to own, access their data & track its usage while enabling instant license payment distribution.

Logistics Bank for Freight Trucking

A logistics platform that creates visibility & proves integrity of all shipment data and uses it to reduce costs for participants and provide better services.

Peer-to-Peer Gaming Platform

A gaming platform that allows game developers to distribute licensing directly to gamers without the high costs that most platforms will charge.

A Faster & Securer Blockchain Network

An open, distributed network, capable of fast, secure, centralization-prove transaction handling, at a very low cost orders of magnitude.

Decentralized & Trusted Marketplace

A trusted digital commerce marketplace for buying and selling digital and physical assets, and maintaining trusted maintenance and lease records.
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