Empowering Consumer Brands through Supply Chain Transparency

How Blockchain Can Strengthen the Weakest Link
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Executive Summary:

Taking action on your supply chain opportunities

In a globalized, fragmented and competitive business environment, consumer brands are under greater pressure than ever before to demonstrate supply chain transparency. The uncomfortable truth is that many trusted consumer brands simply do not know enough about the provenance of the goods they make and sell, to have confidence in the quality, ethics and sustainability on which they base their reputation, due to the ever-growing complexity of their supply chains. 

As a result, brands are becoming increasingly vulnerable to supply chain related risks as their global connections increase. Anyone of these leads directly to expensive recalls and damage limitation expenses, risk which are typically underestimated and under-insured.
But all too often in our socially connected world, they also lead to catastrophic reputational damage and PR annihilation-destruction of the brand equity of consumer trust. 

Those who led the way and set the standard in each market will be viewed as trusted trailblazers and exemplars of good practice - a priceless outcome which supersedes all possible costs, and outweighs all the operational benefits. 

Will your brand lead the way?

Understand blockchain technology and benefits

  • Greater Transparency
  • Better Traceability
  • Increased Speed & Efficiency
  • Unprecedented Security

Everyone benefits from

  • Consumers crave authentic closeness to brands
  • Brands avert disastrous damage
  • Regulators shine light into dark corners

The Perfect Blockchain-Driven Solution

  • Is technology agnostic and flexible
  • Covers your full supply chain
  • Facilitates compliance adherence
  • Prevents fraud

Genuine transparency: the challenge for brands

  • Visibility brings dilemmas for management
  • Investing in organizational change for long term gain
  • Every link in the chain
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