CannaProve helps cannabis brands achieve unprecedented revenue growth by building consumer trust and loyalty through transparent supply chain provenance.

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Trust, hard to build, in a complex market

Enhanced quality expectation

As global pharmaceutical demand increases and major consumer packaged goods companies start to participate, trust will only re-emerge when a new expectation of product quality and consistency is met.

Higher global standards

With legal cultivation expanding across the globe, suppliers not only have to show their products are produced in compliance with local government regulations but also prove their global partners meet the highest standards in order to establish consumer confidence in their products.


Revenue engine powered by embedded trust

Brand authenticity

Confidently know that the product is as labelled based on the company’s transparency of product quality and compliance

DNA Tracking

An audit trail that extends every step along the supply chain, help in ensuring the brand promise

GMP Compliance

Access to all data necessary for EU GMP and GACP compliance

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What is CannaProve, and how will it change an industry?
Cannabis is going through a period of rapid change. Supply chains are decentralizing as companies increasingly specialize, abandoning vertical integration … while making a 180° switch from pre-legalization’s zero regulation to seemingly endless regulation … and changing from local supply to commoditized products that may come from other countries in other continents.
Cannabis is also changing in another way. BEFORE: Small companies were operating in a new industry, with high margins and minimal trust. NOW: There’s growing competition, with lower margins and heavy regulatory scrutiny. 

Of course, this legalization requires total transparency, full compliance and provenance, with a complete audit trail along the supply chain. Everyone has to know what they’re getting.

Either you show your provenance, or you can’t compete.

That’s why CannaProve is a game-changer. It’s the world’s first automated, blockchain supply-chain that shows everything to everybody.  

Cultivation data, lab results, compliance certifications, pick-up and delivery data, extraction results, processing yields, etc. And while building this audit trail might seem like a huge, laborious job, CannaProve’s proprietary technology actually makes it fast and easy.

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