(April 16) Self-Sovereign Identity:A Low-Cost and Low-Risk Solution for Frictionless Customer Experiences

TrustWave is an open, distributed network, capable of fast, secure, centralization-proof transaction handling, at costs orders of magnitude lower than any current system.

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Public blockchains aren’t ready for prime time

Over the last several years there have been numerous attempts to speed up transaction rates for public blockchains by replacing the Proof of Work consensus algorithm with various solutions, creating abstractions of the decentralized consensus problem. 
A blockchain network should be secure and sustainably decentralized, something existing blockchain networks have yet to achieve.


The blockchain trilemma solved


TrustWave is not only the most efficient such network that exists, it is the most efficient network that can exist, for any given level of security and compute efficiency.


Under current assumptions, transactions can be cleared at a cost of $.00003, and finalized under fourteen seconds.


TrustWave hard-codes decentralization to enable unlimited scaling, and allows all computing power on it to be devoted to secure computation.
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